Friday Night Lights renewed for two more seasons


NBC’s (and to a degree Direct TV) Friday Night Lights just got renewed for two more seasons, according to Matthew Ausiello at EW.  Thanks to the partnership, one of televisions best shows (and least watched) will have the opportunity to continue telling compelling narratives. 

So it’ll be back this fall (and next!) on DTV with thirteen new episodes, which will air on NBC next January (and January 2011!) for the rest of us. 

I’ve watched the show off and on since it’s debut, but always at an arms length to protect my television heart.  Such is the life of a contemporary junky.  Always waiting for the axe to fall, thus never fulling giving yourself emotionally over.  Now, at least, I can emotionally invest in FNL knowing that it won’t leave me for two more years. 

The hitch now, however, is whether the show’s creative mastermind, Jason Katims, can find a way to juggle both FNL and that prospective Parenthood series he’s producing for NBC. Ditto director Jeffrey Reiner, who’s attached to NBC’s Trauma pilot.  “Losing one would be devastating; losing both would be a catastrophe,” so says Ausiello and we would agree.

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