G.I. Joe: Resolute

Is anyone watching this on Adult Swim?  It’s written by Warren Ellis, of all people, and episodes are only five-minutes long or so.  But it’s good.  It’s very good.  Which, I can’t decide if that’s because of nostalgia or not. We’ll see.

So far only six episodes have been aired, but Adult Swim is airing them two at a time until the series concludes on April 25. All of the mainstays Joes are present and accounted for, like Scarlet, Roadblock, Duke, Hawk, Tunnel Rat, Snake Eyes, etc.  The episodes are slow to roll out the villains, however.  We finally lay eyes on Destro and The Baroness by episode four.

It’s refreshing to see someone take a silly cartoon (and the one from my childhood was very silly in retrospect) and give it a patina fashionable for big kids.  The animation hues close to the sharp lines of anime, but that produces an almost noirish-moody atmosphere. Which is almost vertigo-inducing.  It’s the cartoon of my childhood, but it’s been updated for my adulthood.

The first episode, seen above, is pretty slow as it sets everything up.  But by episode two, when Snake Eyes infilitrates Cobra Island and cuts a dude in half, it’s evident that Ellis is not only respecting the material, but in all likelihood giving G.I. Joe fans the only adaptation worth watching this year.  And that includes the big budget summer movie about to be released.

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