Glee is better than you might expect

It’s hard to believe that the creator of FX’s disturbingly morbid Nip/Tuck has created this high school glee club show for FOX.  But Ryan Murphy has done so and the show, at least in the pilot episode, is a funny and joyous  endeavor.


The easiest way and probably laziest way to describe the show would be it’s a combination of Fame and Freaks & Geeks. In that, it’s about a bunch of high school outcasts, struggling with those commonplace high school problems and social anxieties, figuring out their way in life … through the school’s glee club.

The rest of the season doesn’t air until the fall, but I found myself ready to keep watching at the end of the pilot episode.  You develop a certain fondness for the kids, particularly the two leads and certainly for the main teacher, Will, by episode’s conclusion.

The music number, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”, seems a bit trite.  I think the word is pat, in that it’s too clever for it’s own good; but I guess that’s to be expected.  The musical numbers in the show are going to reflect the emotional undercurrent of each episode.  And though it might enduce a few eyerolls, for the most part I’m okay with that.

Fox really has faith in this show because each episode is rumored to cost upwards of $3 million dollars.  Watch the episode below on Hulu.  For those readers outside the states, I’m guessing FOX is going to give away the episode on DVD, if someone hasn’t uploaded it to YouTube yet.

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