Homeless Real World

Depending on your point of view, this is either a necessary look into the humanity of the homeless or it’s exploitative. But you can’t say that it’s not thought provoking.

It’s been a passion project from the start for Richard Ayoub, Del Bigtree, Darwyn Metzger and Randal Kirk, who own the project equally and serve as executive producers. The idea for the show grew out of an effort to capitalize on MTV’s decision to shoot the 18th season of The Real World in Denver, where Mania was then based. (Neither MTV nor Real World producer Bunim-Murray Prods. are involved in Homeless.)

Ayoub, now chief creative officer for the syndicated CyberGuy tech-news segments, says the show offers a “surprising look at homeless life.” Which, it turns out, is not all that different from life on a typical season of MTV’s Real World.

“You probably never think of homeless people kissing, making love, falling in love,” Ayoub says of the intimacy-and intrigue-captured on camera.

There are also a lot of laughs. “They will actually go on-camera and say, ‘We’re out here having fun,’” he adds.

That said, the defining-moments that led to the cast members’ circumstances are revealed during the course of the show. So too are the special skills needed to survive life on the street, which in Denver during winter sometimes means sleeping in three feet of snow. The footage depicts such rawness that Metzger calls it “actuality” TV.

I for one hope they find a distributor to make this show happen.  [via @DarwynsTheory]

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