Joss Whedon says “Dollhouse” about to get exciting

090313dollhouse1Joss Whedon says that starting with episode six, his new FOX show Dollhouse, might ascend to the heights of his previous efforts. 

In a note to reporters (or “Newsly Types,” as he puts it) accompanying a DVD of “Man on the Street” (airing March 20) and “Needs” (April 3), Whedon says, “These two episodes represent a much stronger vision of what I consider the show to be.”

The show has been a decent enough effort, but not appointment television.  My interest began to wain after episode three, not because the show was bad or anything, but because I don’t have time to waste my television hours on a ho-hum show. 

Still, Whedon knows how to build a show.  He’s laid a solid groundwork of characters, created an interesting universe, layered several mysteries to unravel and set up the season one big bad.  Not bad considering I’ve only watched three out of five episodes. 

With Battlestar Galactica ending next Friday, I’ll have room to replace that show with another.  Will Dollhouse solidify itself in my television lineup?  Hard to answer that question, but if Whedon is correct (and I trust him implicitly) then I may have to give his sci fi show another shot. 

Says Whedon in his missive, “For me, the question isn’t just whether a show is enjoyable, but whether it’s more than the sum of its fun, whether it truly touches, surprises or connects with you. These [episodes] may do none of the above — I’m not the boss of your opinion — but I feel strongly that they, and the eps to follow, are pretty intense, and very much worth the watching.”

I get the sense that the first six episodes had FOX meddling in them, but since the show lasted beyond that point, hopefully afterwards Whedon’s fingerprints will be much more evident. 

Prove it to me.

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