Katee Sackhoff Q&A at the Baghdad Theater, Portland, OR. 3-13-2009

bsgbaghdad(photo courtesy of Shetha)

Katee Sackhoff rolled into Portland on Friday night for a lengthy question and answer session dropping curse words like a sailor and nearly causing a nerd riot outside the Baghdad Theater¹.

Sackhoff, who’s originally from the Portland-area, stopped by as a thanks for the crowds showing up week after week to watch BSG on the big screen. It helped that her mother’s birthday was the next day, so it was like killing two birds.

There were lots of “Iloveyouyou’rethebest” types of moments, but Sackhoff did reveal a few interesting tidbits.  Overall, the strength of the questions were top notch.  Kudos to you Stumptown BSG audience.

sackhoffYou can watch the entire session, or you can read the Cliff Notes.  Such as:

  • She battled through Thyroid Cancer during the taping of the final season and was so fatigued by the end of taping.
  • The ending for BSG was going to be slightly different, but costar Michael Trucco (Sam Anders – one of the final five Cylons) got into a horrible car accident in December 2007 and was nearly paralyzed.  The show was still filming, when Trucco’s accident happened, and since they couldn’t delay filming, the writers had to work with his accident.  Hence, why Sam Anders is in the hospital bed, then the Cylon gloop, his flashback was him in a sports therapy tub, etc. for the final batch of episodes.
  • Sackhoff didn’t reveal how the show would have ended without Trucco’s accident.
  • Sackhoff luckily passed the iPhone’s Cylong detector app and was discovered to be human.  It was probably one of the funnier moments of the night.
  • Everyone is tired of Eddie James Olmos chanting “So Say We All!”
  • Her future plans include a just finished Dick Wolf pilot with Brian Cox titled Lost and Found. It’s a more humorous detective show set in Los Angeles, giving her the chance to flex some comedy chops.  She’s also doing the voice for Ms. Marvel, an animated project from Marvel Entertainment.sackhoffbaghdad
  • The scenes with her mother from the episode “Maelstrom” were her idea, but it wasn’t her idea to have Starbuck killed and then resurrected.
  • Apollo and Starbuck will make out one more time in the series finale.
  • She sung the praises of Doc Coddle and Saul Tigh, well the actors playing those characters.
  • She had to learn to play the Cylon song on the piano, but she hates the piano from years of her parents trying to make her learn the instrument.
  • She revealed how her and the Chief had a friendly rivalry to see who could work less.  Whenever Sackhoff wanted to take off and visit her boyfriend she would convince producers that Starbuck wouldn’t be in the scene or talking, etc.
  • The best moment was perhaps talking about Eddie Olmos’s fascination for shooting a scene on the toilet.  All throughout the show he’s been trying to convince people to film a scene while pooping on the toilet.  He finally got Starbuck to do it in the scene between her and Gaius Balter a few episodes ago.  Sometimes it helps to be the director when you want to shoot a scene with one of the actors sitting on the pooper.
  • Disappointingly, she skirted the discussion about being the new lesbian feminist icon.  Probably because she isn’t a lesbian, but it was unfortunate that she didn’t run with it when one questioner said she’s the new Xena Princess Warrior.

But enough about that.  Let’s go to the video evidence.  PART 1






1. Okay, so you might still be wondering about the nerd riot.  It almost happened.  The Baghdad Theater holds about 600 people.  There were about 1000 people in line, some showed up at 11:30 a.m. for this and some drove down from Seattle or came 1-3 hours away.  So obviously not everyone was going to get in.  Thems the breaks.  However, there was a comedy show at 7 p.m. unrelated to the BSG event at 10 p.m.  So what does management do?  It let the people from the comedy show stay in their seats for BSG.

When word got out about this, people were understandably upset.  Insults were hurled, boycotts were threatened and people tried to bumrush the people working the door.  It didn’t really get out of hand, but the situation was handled poorly by the theater.  It wasn’t fair or cool to the people waiting in line to let those at the comedy show stay.  Especially if there were there for the comedy show or using the comedy show to circumvent the age old tradition of waiting in a queue out in the cold.  On top of that, the people at the door didn’t even bother to let the hundreds of people know they weren’t getting in so they could go home or make other arrangements to watch the episode.

I didn’t get in for the episode but I was let in for the Q and A afterwards.  Still, if a few things went differently, the 800 or so people that didn’t get in were perilously close to acting out.  Well, acting out like nerds, which comes down to hurling witty insults and stomping their feet.

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