Mad Men Season 3 promo photos

madmenZap2It unpacked the Mad Men press kit and unloaded a batch of fetching photos from our favorite Sterling Cooper employees

Only 16 days to go until the season three premiere. 

When we last left Don and the gang changes were afloat, including: “the Cuban Missile Crisis, a takeover of the Sterling Cooper advertising agency, and news of a third Draper baby. All this and Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) professes his love for Peggy (Elisabeth Moss), but she confesses that she secretly gave birth to his child only to give it up for adoption in order to pursue her career. And self-indulgent Roger (John Slattery) left his wife for Don’s former secretary Jane.” 

Season three picks up in 1964, amidst the dawning of great social upheaval.  Mad Men airs on AMC, Aug. 16 at 10 p.m.

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