Nurse Jackie pilot on YouTube

I missed this, but give Showtime’s recent track record for quality programming, it should be worth checking out the pilot episode of Nurse Jackie — available for viewing on YouTube.

Some people are comparing it to Fox’s House, which on a surface level I can see.  The Edie Falco-led project is about a nurse who diagnoses diseases no one else can and she’s also happens to be hooked to painkillers.

But more than that, the show also gives propers to the nurses as the lifeblood of the hospital.  If the doctors are the brains, the nurses have always been the heart and soul of the medical profession.  House has always been about solving the mystery of the illness, this is more focused on how nurses get through their grueling days.

New episodes of Nurse Jackie can be seen on Monday nights at 10:30 p.m. following Showtime’s marquee program, Weeds.

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