Party Down on Starz

I’ve been meaning to post this, but Starz made their new sitcom available on YouTube.  Or at least the first episode.  The problem is I’m not going to subscribe to Starz to watch this, but I will try to download on torrents.  It’s unfortunate that Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) and producer Paul Rudd got this very funny show about LA caterers on a cable network no one pays to subscribe to.

If I were Starz, I would figure out a way to make this show available – even if it’s downloading for a dollar or two on their site.  Otherwise, I’m liable to just go the ole torrents route.

Also, for those Veronica Mars fans out there doesn’t this show feel like a bizarro episode of Veronica?  The cast is mostly VM alums plus the hilarious Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr and Jane Lynch.  I’m holding my breath for the inevitable Kristen Bell cameo episode.

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