Preview of HBO’s new sitcom “Hung”

Thomas Jane could finally have his real break-out role, in which Jane plays a high-school basketball coach / gym teacher who realizes he can become a star by exploiting his giant penis. The show is called Hung afterall.

Anne Heche co-stars as his ex-wife, and Jane Adams plays, essentially, the pimp for Jane’s character. Alexander Payne (Sideways, Election), who directed the pilot, will stay on as executive producer.

According to Variety, the series’ first season consists of the 45-minute pilot and nine 30-minute  episodes, and premieres after Tru Blood on June 28. Keep an eye on the official site for more clips and info.

Also, for those wondering, there will be no Dirk Diggler moment in the show.  The goods will be heard of and never seen.  Dems da breaks kid.

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