Preview of tonight’s Sit Down, Shut Down


Even if you missed the premiere episode of FOX’s new animated comedy Sit Down, Shut Up you can still catch it online before tonight’s second episode.

Created by Mitch Hurwitz, with characters voiced by Will Arnett, Will Forte, Kenan Thompson, Jason Bateman, Henry Winkler and Kristin Chenoweth, just to name a few, the show is fairly funny but seems to be still finding it’s feet.  Which is to say it’s got potential – I just wish the character names weren’t so ill thought out.

Tonight, to celebrate the first day of spring, Miracle distributes flowers (at least she thinks so) to the staff. The flowers turn out to be hemlock, and Andrew winds up in a coma. Larry’s pragmatism causes Miracle to lose her hippy-dippy spirituality.  As a result, Miracle becomes despondent, and it’s up to Larry to help her regain her faith. Meanwhile, Helen’s grudge against Sue puts the school’s spring fundraiser in jeopardy.

Sit Down, Shut Up airs Sundays at 8:30pm.

Update: Um, thanks FOX for giving me an embedded video to your content that doesn’t work… idiots. Anyway, it was a promising clip. Enough that I’m saying you should check out the show.

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