Promos for final season of Lost

A brand new Lost season 6 promo, unveiled during the Lost panel at SDCC, features Hurley.  In this strange world, he’s “the very lucky CEO” of Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack, starring in an ad for the restaurant’s new “outback chicken.” There’s even a bonus ad touting Oceanic Airline’s safety record.

I don’t think there’s anything spoilery here, but I’m interested in how this ad serves up the dish for Lost’s final season.  Is this the eventual outcome or mere misdirection?

See Also: Season 6 promo featuring Kate the wanted fugitive.  It’s not the best quality because it’s bootlegged from SDCC, but you get the idea.

What stands out for me in these two ads (you have to watch the Kate one, as well), is that the bomb going off seems to have reset the Lost continuum.  Oceanic began in 1979?  Kate didn’t kill her stepdad, but instead a plumber?  Oy-vay.

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