Remembering Charles Kuralt

Charles Kuralt was one of the myriad reasons I began doing what I do.  So it’s nice to see that some of his greatest segments have been packaged together as a DVD collection.

Seth Stevensen pays the man tribute for Slate: “There is something distinctly pre-Internet about the folks who appear in Kuralt’s reports. They harbor no ambition to become famous. They’re odd people, doing oddly beautiful things, tucked away in odd corners of the country. Nowadays, many of them might publicize their doings on personal Web sites and YouTube channels or try to scheme their way onto a reality show. But back then, it was a pleasant, one-in-a-million surprise when Kuralt rolled into town and put them on TV. “They didn’t know there was anything special about themselves,” says Kuralt’s longtime cameraman, Isadore Bleckman, “until Charles held up a mirror to them.”

What amazes me is that with the technology improvements, no one has taken up Charles Kuralt’s mantle for one of the major news organizations.

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