Ron Moore’s new show “Virtuality” given little chance for liftoff

You would think that when Ron Moore, creator of Battlestar Galactica, comes to your network iwith another sci-fi show there would be no problems.

Unless, of course, you take that show to Fox, where they have a history of surrepititiously killing all of their quality sci-fi programming. Moore’s new show, Virtuality has been effectively killed before it was even given a chance. Instead of one season, the show will now be reduced to a single two-hour television event.

12-minutes of which, you can see below.

Now, according to Topless Robot, the show can basically be “boiled down” into five distinct plot lines:

• It’s about a crew on a 10-year mission to another solar system.
• The crew is being filmed as part of a reality show.
• The Earth has less than a century left to support life.
• The crew spends most of their time in virtual reality devices.
• Someone (or something) is screwing with those VR systems and producing nightmares.

That might be one of the problems. That unlike his previous show, which was about robots hunting humans through space, this show seems to be packing too much into its universe.

Immediately, I could do without the reality show angle and almost feel as though a show about the 100-year death sentence for Earth would be more compelling to watch.

With only 12 principle cast members aboard the Phaeton ship, it would be impossible for any of those characters to die, which means the suspense from the runaway VR modules is rendered moot.

Isn’t saving Earth stressful enough?

Here are a few more videos, including a “meet the cast” feature.

Virtuality airs June 26 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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