Sarah Connor not cancelled?

Interesting development on the Sarah Connor Chronicles front.  Last we heard back in March, Fox has decided to cancel the series.  Which was a shame because it truly rounded into its own during the second and final season. 

Now word comes from Lanie Grace, who’s been following the developments and was the first to break news of its cancellation, that the show might not be cancelled after all. 

I learned that at a minimum there are plans to pickup where TSCC left off and go straight to DVD as a T5 warm up although a relaunched TSCC Series is not out of the works depending on wide variety of things. The goal would be for the series and T5 to form a merge point in a future timeline. The plan is to possibly start production in late 2010 or early 2011. Most of the cast will already be on board due to contract clauses from the orifinal series from what I understood.

Interesting that the plan seems to be to tie the show in with the next feature film installment.  Usually this is never a good idea, but if they can pull it off, then all the power to them. 

In the Official continued TSCC story line, young John Connor will exist for a time in the future and will return to circa 2010 before Sarah succumbs to cancer and J-Day occurs. What piqued the interested of Halcyon and WB were the writer’s uncanny similar evolution of Allison, her relationship with John along with her capture by a Marcus Wright style Terminator and the development of Alex the ever so quiet Latina as an integral part in John’s present and future.  Weaver will also return “full force” as will Ellison, Savannah, Murch, JH and whole new set of characters in the future including Kyle and Derek.

So, it might not be returning as a television show, but it looks good that we will visit the same characters and actors from the show at a later point in time.

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  • Lanie Grace August 11, 2009, 2:25 pm

    Thanks for the trackback and just wanted to add that WB has been doing their best to ferret out my source.

    The legal threats have nothing to with discrediting my story but more on how I breached their proprietary and confidential information.

    That speaks fopr itself