Sesame Street does Mad Men

So we heard yesterday that the Sesame Street gang were going to drop a Mad Men parody/homage on the world yesterday.  Which seems like a curious to show to pick, given the drinking, infidelity, smoking, tricking people into buying things they don’t need, etc. aspect of the show.  Except that they also did a Desperate Housewives thing a few years ago. 

Said Miranda Barry of the Sesame Street Workshop:  “You may have seen our parody called ‘Desperate Houseplants.’ It was about a houseplant not getting its needs met by the gardener. So it always works on two levels.”

Can’t wait to see what they come up with for the November episode.  Flavorwire took the time to put together a casting breakdown of who should play whom in the special episode.  It’s not a bad list at all.  My favorite is the Prairie Dawn/Peggy comparison:


Season 3 of Mad Men debuts on August 16th on AMC. No word on the exact date of when the Sesame Street/Mad Men episode will air.

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