Seth Meyers on Michael Phelps, or it was a really unfunny SNL

A pretty lackluster show, considering they had a capably funny host in Bradley Cooper, two major pop culture events happened this week (Christian Bale and Michael Phelps), and they has TV on the Radio as the musical guest.

“Otherwise, what were the high points? Anyone like the Digital Short with T-Pain on the boat? Sure, host Bradley Cooper was pleasant and enthusiastic, but his material? The game show about having sex with contestants’ wives? Cooper’s okay Christian Bale impersonation in a dull bit about Bale’s rage? The intervention sketch where he and Kristen Wiig made rude noises? Speaking of Wiig, her Kathie Lee Gifford and Bjork were excellent, but I doubt I’m the only person who thinks she’s on-screen way too much these days–at best, she’s carrying too much of the load,” wrote EW’s Ken Tucker.

And I would tend to agree.  Winona Ryder’s Bjork impression from a few years ago was much better and as much as I like Kristen Wiig (and I like her a lot) she’s slowly going from underrated role-player gem to overused and overworked.  It’s like they’ve thrust her into the starting lineup when she’s a talented sixth-man.  The writer’s are starting to kill her appeal because they have nothing else funny in the bag.  A shame really.

Wait. Hold on. They make chocolate cereal straws? Why did I not know this. Where can I find these? Amazing.

The digital short with T-Pain and the Lonely Island Boys was okay. Nothing great by their own lofty standards.

As for TV on the Radio, well, their performance was a let down. The sound was off and I suspect it wasn’t so much their fault as it was the sound guys’s. The Brooklyn, NY band played two songs off their critical lauded 2008 album, Dear Science. For those who care they were “Dancing Choose” and “Golden Age.”

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