Sons of Anarchy gets Renewed

SoaintertitleI just finished the Season Two finale of FX’s Sons of Anarchy and I’m convinced that I just watched one of the finest seasons of television ever produced.  To be sure, it’s not on the same level of say, The Wire Season Four, but with their second season the FX motorcycle drama elevated itself from an interesting show to pass time with to must watch drama.

If were trying to convince you of its worthiness I would say something about how the show touches on many aspects of modern life — how rape is used as a weapon of war, how the healthcare system is more concerned with the bottom line than healing people, etc.  But the truth is, this is superb Shakespearian drama. If there were awards justice in this world, Katey Sagal would be nominated for Best Actress, and Adam Arkin would be nominated as Best Guest Actor or something.

And the Season Two finale.  Jesus, fucklobsters; it was an hour of gripping twists, suspenseful drama and emotional catharsis.  It’s a modern western with motorcycle gangs instead of posses and tough men trying to hold onto a world that doesn’t want them to exist.

That it was renewed for a third season and showrunner Kurt Sutter has signed a deal for two more seasons is great news.  Season Three will return in September 2010, until then you can catch up with it on Hulu.  The announcement was timed to coincide with news of the “Sons of Anarchy” finale ratings, which matched the show’s all-time high in total viewers. The finale drew 4.3 million viewers Tuesday night and earned a 2.3 rating in the adult demo.

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