Steve Martin in Laser Cats

Let’s be honest, we can all admit that Steve Martin just about killed it last night on SNL, hosting for the 15th time.  Which really means that Alec Baldwin is going to host sometime by the end of the year, right?

Anyway, there was lots to love about the episode.  Some of our favorites.

The Laser Cats skit was pretty good, but especially for the punchline at the end.

The David Patterson bit was the funniest thing of the night and I can’t find it anywhere. A few more highlights below the fold.

Steve Martin – “Late For School” It’s not really funny or that good of a song, but Steve Martin rocking the banjo, ya’ll. He’s got the finger pluckin’ down, but should probably have other people write his tunes for him.

Richard Dean Anderson reprised his role as Angus MacGyver last night in a short, but funny MacGruber sketch, which was really just an advertisement for Pepsi. Shame that they wasted Rich Dean Anderson in that way.

Not once but twice!

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