Steven Seagal is a real cop in Louisianna

Boom goes the dynamite!  Yes, he’s a terrible actor, plays guitar in a terrible band and is a fake Buddhist; but he’s still the same girthful man who was the first foreigner to open an Aikido Dojo in Japan.  So he’s kind of a partial badass. 

Of course, he’s not really a real cop in Jefferson Parrish, since this is just a new reality show with that premise.  But honestly, I would commit crimes just to see him “out for justice.”  I’m willing to be he’s got that place locked down and “under siege.”

In fact, I’m hatching a plan to gun down his partner and the kill his wife to see if he really is “above the law” or “hard to kill” or if he’ll taunt me with a “Welcome to Louisianna — you’re on deadly ground now pal.” 

You’re move Jean Claude Van Damme.  And yes, I cruised his imdb page to cram as many of his movie titles into this post as I could, but I sorta got bored with that. 

Anyway, Lawman will be on A&E at some point.

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  • Dave Smith July 9, 2010, 2:01 am

    I can understand why you don't read your own small articles,(they're really bad) but your spelling is terrible, they have a thing called spell check though…

    • jamesfurbush July 9, 2010, 3:54 am

      Um, thanks. Honestly if my spelling is so bad (or my small articles for that matter) then don't read. Find another site to troll.