Conan Likely Gets $30 million to Walk Away

It’s not a done deal, but according to Sharon Waxman over at The Wrap, NBC is going to pay Conan O’Brien $30 million — perhaps less depending on how soon he gets a show up and running at FOX — to walk away from The Tonight Show. Jay Leno, of course, will be then be re-instituted as host.

And that seems to be that.  Conan, hiding his true anger and pain over this situation fairly well, has been a blast to watch over the past few weeks — rediscovering his swagger and making it obvious why so many of us fell for his brand of absurd, self-deprecating charm.   And Leno?  Well, you’ve got to wonder how he’s going to recover from this and why the fuck he couldn’t just walk away … much like Jerry Seinfeld.

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