Conan O’Brien’s 2004 Announcement

Conan O’Brien’s 2004 on-air announcement that he will be leaving theLate Show in four-and-a-half years to host the Tonight Show.

My heartfelt thanks to everybody at NBC that made this possible, and particularly to Jay Leno. Jay Leno has been a big supporter of mine, a good friend to me for eleven years, when I first showed up at this network, and he’s been incredibly kind and gracious about the whole thing, and he’s a class act.

So much for that.  In six-months this whole charade is going to make a fascinating magazine article and in two years it would make an amazing book (beginning with the Leno to the Tonight Show over Letterman and Letterman’s departure to CBS). What fascinates me the most is if Jay Leno really is the villain here, or if he’s just the apprentice, for someone much more evil, so to speak.

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