Eastbound and Down Heads to Mexico

Good news for all you Kenny Powers fans out there. The HBO comedy will be getting a second season and it’s set in an incredibly different location than the first, with an over-hauled cast.  Though the changes seem justified given the direction Jody Hill and Danny McBride are taking the show.   

In Season 2, hiding from his problems, Kenny finds himself in Mexico where he joins a local baseball team. Crash co-star Pena will play Kenny’s friend and owner of the baseball team he joins. De la Reguera will play Kenny’s love interest in Mexico. Because of the new setting, most of the cast members from Season 1 of the show will have little or no presence next season with the exception of Steve Little whose character Stevie Janowski will track Danny down in Mexico.

Great. Sold.  Let me know when it airs.

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