Entourage Comes to An End

HBO has decided to cancel, er, “wrap up” the adventures of Vinnie Chase and the gang after next year’s eighth season.  Which, great.  In seven seasons so far, nothing has really happened.  At all.  No, seriously.

HBO picked up the show for that last season to tie up the loose ends of the storyline, which means the show will have a lessened episode order. The more important question here is, “What loose ends?” Unless it turns out that Vincent Chase died in the car crash he was in in the seventh season premiere and all of this is his hallucination upon death, the show doesn’t have a lot of dangling plot threads hanging out there. Hell, one of this season’s episodes was based on what happened when Vince got a haircut. It’s just been one, long, happy ascent for Vince and his pals, and it can only be assumed that the series finale will conclude with the “bros” standing, looking out over the Hollywood hills and clinking champagne glasses triumphantly as rock blares on the soundtrack.

After that, HBO continues to threaten to make an Entourage movie, but since it’s Monday, we’ll feign optimism and assume a just and loving God would never allow such a thing to exist.

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