Episodes: Matt LeBlanc Has to Audition for Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc’s new Showtime sitcom has him starring as a fictitious version of  “Matt LeBlanc”, sitcom star.  These types of shows, a la Curb Your Enthusiasm, are mostly hit or miss, so it’ll remain to be seen if this is worth our time.  However, I will say that Matt LeBlanc does have a certain charm and comedic timing to him (not unlike, say, Tony Danza in the eighties) and I think he’s capable of playing off this type of joke.

The material doesn’t necessarily tread new ground, but the notion of turning a decent British sitcom into a crappy American one seems to be ripe for a good lampoon.  Not all Hollywood-inside-baseball shows work but when they do, they’re usually quite successful:

The show, which will debut in January, centers on a British husband-and-wife screenwriting team who attempt to create an American remake of their hit show about a distinguished boarding school. But when they land in L.A., the project takes a few twists and turns. First, the boarding school becomes a hockey team. Then, the title is changed from ‘Lyman’s Boys’ to ‘Pucks!’ And finally, the role of the wise headmaster? The network wants to turn it into a hockey coach to be played by … Matt LeBlanc.

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