Fattest City in America Resists Change from British Chef Jamie Oliver

Shocking! Who could have predicted that Huntington, W.V. would resist a British chef coming into their town and his attempts to reform their eating habits.  Certainly not me, certainly not you, certainly not anybody.  “More than half the residents of the country’s fattest city, Huntington, West Virginia, are obese but most were blatantly uninterested in the chef’s advice.  Jamie was also left flabbergasted after he asks a group of school children to identify vegetables, mistaking tomatoes for potatoes.”

The problem is that this plan was bound to fail from the start.  Closed communities are naturally inclined to resist window lickers whether their intentions are honorable and justified or not.  Does Huntington, W.V. need to change their eating habits and reduce their obesity rates?  Probably.  But that change is going to come from the schools and churches and doctors already living in the town, not from some British chef with noble intentions.  It’s like colonialism on a small scale.

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