Forget Jersey Shore, Let’s Study Massholes

It is both a frightful and humorous proposition from Jessica Grose in Slate, that MTV should follow up their much-discussed Jersey Shore with a show about my tribe — Massholes — though, it’s maybe obvious she is an outside observer and not actually part of the tribe.  The more I read, the more I just had to laugh to prevent myself from getting wicked drunk and wanting to beat her up.

“It’s true that Massholes are a more diverse subculture than Guidos, but that would only make a series about them more compelling. There are two main Masshole strands: Kennedy-lite types, often from the North Shore or Boston’s wealthy Metro West area, who go to small New England liberal arts colleges (Bowdoin, Colby, Dartmouth) and wear lots of khaki; and more blue-collar types, often from South Boston or one of the commonwealth’s harder-knock-cities (Everett, New Bedford), who share a hairdo: a weathered Sox cap in the warmer months, a fleece-lined Pats hat in the winter,” she writes.

“These two sorts of Massholes will probably not get along particularly well. The latter will find the former condescending, just like in that scene in Good Will Hunting in which Matt Damon’s character gets in a fight with that snotty dude at the Harvard bar.  Except in Massholes, the warring factions will mend their ways by the end of the each episode, hard feelings salved by a quick trip to the nearest beach bar, where they will find common cause, chanting “Yankees suck” as they watch the latest from the Fens on NESN.”

Hangs head and shakes, walks away.

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