Frank Darabont Fires Writing Staff for Season Two of “The Walking Dead”

I’m not sure how The Walking Dead showrunner, Frank Darabont, expects to have any cohesion with a move like this.

Deadline is reporting showrunner Frank Darabont has decided to forgo the writing staff that worked on the 6-episode first season of “The Walking Dead.” This includes the departure of Darabont’s longtime wingman Charles Eglee, who also served as exec-producer on the first season. For season number two, Darabont will hire freelance writers on a script by script basis, a model that has seemingly worked in the U.K., namely with the series “Tourchwood.”

I’m not too familiar with the vagaries of television productions, but what would be the logic behind this?  It seems even having a small writing staff of three to five people would make better sense than having a staff of zero.  Freelancers might work on a show like CSI or Law & Order where story continuity and overall arcs matter little, but The Walking Dead is built as a longform story.  Strange.

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