Hyping a “Party Down” Movie After Its Cancellation

Man, Veronica Mars and Party Down creator Rob Thomas must really be good at creating the cancelled-television show-to-movie buzz.  Wait, what?  Party Down’s been cancelled?  Sadface.

Here’s Maura Johnson, of The Awl, and her perfectly apt nugget: “As if waiting for big-screen versions of the canceled-before-their-time TV programs Veronica Mars and Arrested Development wasn’t enough, now we have to get all garment-rendy about the possibility of a Party Down movie, too? I mean, I loved the show and think it got a raw deal, but I’m starting to wonder if “hoping for a movie and talking about said hope on the Internet” is becoming synonymous with “denial” in the Six Stages Of Canceled-Television Grief.”

And even if Party Down’s been cancelled (woulda been huge on HBO, but no one subscribes to Stars, unfortch), it was a sort of perfect two seasons that ended quite satisfactorily.

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