i09 Reviews AMC’s “The Walking Dead”

At this point, regular readers should be well primed that on Halloween night, I’ll have a scotch in one hand, some candy in the other and will be firmly planted on my couch for the premiere of The Walking Dead — AMC’s new Frank Darabont-helmed zombie show, based on the graphic novel from Robert Kirkman.

i09 has a spoiler-free review of the first two episodes.  So what works?

The Walking Dead hits the ground running, as far as violence goes. I’m not actually sure how they got away with as much as they did, but it’s glorious to behold. Not to mention, the violence is highly entertaining. If the sound and sight of one pissed-off police officer taking his axe to the skull of a wandering undead citizen doesn’t get you excited, then… this may not be the series for you. Because even though Walking Dead is layered with rich character drama, it still knows how to kick ass.

And what doesn’t:

But there’s that 1% of new material that sometimes doesn’t work. Specifically with a few new characters. Often times the plot strings seemed to pull a little too hard on these newly introduced survivors’ actions. Some decisions are made that don’t quite fit the painstaking attention to detail all the other characters seem to follow. These instances feel pretty foolish and out of sorts for the series. For example, no matter how racist one character may be, I don’t really think their issues would come up while they’re about to be eaten by a pack of zombies. And if this really is the way this character acts, why has the group allowed this person in their presence for so long? This is a small, minor complaint. And I’m chalking it up to needing to fill each episode with tiny character dilemmas within the greater character story arc.

Meredith Woerner likes the show quite a bit, actually.

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