Increase Your Beer Knowledge with Discovery’s “Brew Masters”

Given the glut of food-based shows, it’s hard to imagine there haven’t been shows dedicated to beer, wine, or distilleries before.  But I suppose most people would rather watch the zany antics of celebrity chefs cooking meals in a too-hardy-to-believe kitchen — that won’t ever be cooked at home — rather than become more knowledgeable about food itself.

So enter Discovery Channel’s new show Brew Masters, where Dogfish Head’s founder Sam Calagione “travel the world searching for exotic ingredients and discovering ancient techniques to produce beers of astounding originality.”  The show airs Sundays at 9 p.m.  Looks like it’ll be a good show for an travel and beer lover.

I hope Calagione features the best craft breweries here in America, because there are some amazing things happening right here at home.  How Food Channel doesn’t have a show like this, I have no idea.

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