John Woo Directed a Lost in Space Pilot

The entire pilot is on Youtube (embedding disabled) and like a lot of television pilots it’s mostly boring — especially because there are no pigeons and double gun shootouts in space.  Sigh.  Isn’t that the only reason to watch a John Woo production?  Though it looks like there could have been a decent series contained within has the WB picked it up for series.

The real interest here, as io9 points out, The Robinsons: Lost In Space “mothership sets got sold off to Battlestar Galactica extra cheap, where they became the Battlestar Pegasus. It’s vitally awesome that Admiral Cain had a great CIC in which to plot her atrocities from. Also, it sounds like Bear McCreary did the music for this show, too, and worked out a lot of ideas that he later used on BSG. John Woo — BSG’s secret benefactor?”

Even in some of the space battle shots there seems to be a certain similarity to how Ron Moore and Co. did them in Battlestar Galactica.

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