Jon Stewart Verbally Duking it Out with Bill O’Reilly

Like the anticipation for a heavy weight title fight, the verbal sparing between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly often ends up disappointing.  Mostly because we want the two icons to intellectually go toe-to-toe with a severe bloodletting.  Instead, the pragmatic sides often come out and television viewers are treated to a polite, good-natured square dance. 

It still makes for must-watch television, especially if you’re into politics, comedy and talking heads.  Will it be any different tonight and tomorrow when Jon Stewart visits the no spin zone?

Fox says in a press release that “the wide-ranging interview will touch on an array of topics, including President Obama, the political landscape and media bias.”

Stewart’s only other trip to O’reilly’s Fox News haunt was in 2004, while promoting his book.  This also might be the only time I actually tune into O’Reilly’s show.

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