Lost’s Carlton Cuse Working on a Civil War Show

The show, for ABC, is being described as “an “event” series and based in Virginia.”  Randall Wallace, who hasn’t really done anything worthwhile since writing Braveheart is also on board the project in some capacity.

Basically, if this thing doesn’t involve time travel and polar bears attacking the confederacy or is somehow like an alternative history Civil War show with the steampunky-Union being the technocentric bad guys or like that movie where John Travolta lived in a world where white people where the minority (you know the one I’m talking about?) then I can’t possibly imagine this thing being any good.  Unless, of course, Hurley stars in it as General Ulysses S. Grant and Benjamin Linus stars as Robert E. Lee.  Then.  And only then, will I watch the shit out of this show.

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