MTV’s New Skins Teaser

Anyone that’s ever watched an episode of the fabled British teen series Skins is probably a) not interested in the MTV remake b) if they are slightly interested it is with a dash of skepticism, and c) wondering why we need to remake a perfectly great show.

And you would be correct on all three accounts.  Based upon MTV’s new trailer for their American remake (set in Baltimore, oddly enough, and unfortunately won’t feature a crossover episode with The Wire where they score drugs from Bubbles and get held up by Omar), which looks exactly like a carbon copy (what should this expression be in this digital age of ours?) of the original, it’s fairly safe to say choose option d) don’t waste any amount of your time.

However, the British version is absolutely worth your time and the first three seasons are available on DVD. The U.S. version of Skins debuts Jan. 17.

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