NFL Networks Broadcasting a Game with No Announcers

According to The Houston Chronicle, NFL Networks is going to re-broadcast the Thanksgiving Jets vs. Bengals game two days later and replace the announcers with a bunch of mic’d up players and coaches.  You can’t underestimate the significance of this development.

“We’ve got 15 players and coaches miked during the game, including both coaches and all the coordinators and quarterbacks and middle linebackers,” NFL Films president Steve Sabol said. “We’ll have 60 people shooting the game, which is more than we use for a Super Bowl, and then we’ll turn it around in 48 hours and show it to you through the eyes of the players. It’s something you won’t see anywhere else.”

It would be great if this was the future of sports broadcasting, just get rid of the useless announcers (except Gus Johnson, obvs), or minimize them to reporters to provide context when injuries happen or controversial plays/calls.  However, given the salty language many players use during games, this probably won’t be allowed to happen until the FCC treats “networks” in a similar fashion to other cable channels.  Not sure why there’s still a distinction in this day and age.  [via Read and React]

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