Party Down Peeps Tackle the Life of Temps

Dang, I’ve long contended that having a show about office temps would make for a fine sitcom.  You could rotate assignments every week or so to keep things fresh and interesting and ultimately because the different job locations change the mood/temperament of the show, one could easily go from a dry awkward humor of say, The Office, to the off the wall antics of, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and never have it seem bizarre.

And now it looks like the people behind the much-beloved, yet little seen and now cancelled Party Down feel the same way.

Rob Thomas, John Enbom, and Dan Etheridge — a.k.a. the dudes who made Party Down — have a pilot order from NBC for a show called Temp. And, just like Party Down, it’ll feature a group of people working somewhere new every week.

It would be better if this show was on a non-network like FX or AMC, or really any place that lets Thomas and Co. push the envelope but still allows people to watch the show so it won’t be cancelled. (Tell me again why Party Down was on Starz? Who the hell has a Starz subscription?)  But, NBC has a great track record for comedies and something tells me this would fit in nicely with their already existing Thursday night lineup.

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