Rally for Conan and Leno’s Damage Control

Just when we think there’s nothing left to write about Late-Night Debacle 2010, there’s always something new.

Jay Leno does his best mea culpa on his show tonight, but basically what he’s saying is that he’s a network tool who rather than have any sort of moral/ethical backbone for himself and respect for Conan (though he owes Conan nothing), just sort of went along with whatever NBC honchos asked him to do.  This is actually much worse than if he were a snake and purposefully tried to sabotage Conan O’Brien.  I don’t know what Leno should have done, but he certainly would have been fine, landed on his feet, found a way to make it work for the cast and crew of his show.  I’m sure if Leno put calls into other studios the people loyal to him behind the scenes would have been taken care of just fine.

As for Coco?  Well, there was a rally for him out in LA today and even though it was raining pretty bad, he made an appearance.

Then, their hero arrived, the skies turned blue, and “The Tonight Show” passed out pizza from Miceli’s, as “Coco” made his way to the roof to wave to his fans.

“The whole time, people were just screaming their heads off,” @Laist wrote. “Celebrity chaos at its best.”

Similar rallies were held in New York City and Chicago, even though everyone, including Conan O’Brien, is waiting for the official announcement that NBC will pay him millions of dollars to leave his gig, after only seven months.

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  • CME73 January 22, 2010, 3:50 pm

    In another words…. he is promoting himself to make his image better. It's all about Jay The Jerk Leno… screw everyone else. Doesn't he have some cars to take care off?