Real World History: 22 Seasons on Intros

I checked out of MTV’s The Real World after Seattle?  Or maybe New Orleans? Hawaii?  It’s hard to really pinpoint at what point the show became a parody of itself, but it was during that era, for sure.  Those are the last three casts where I have any sort of recollection of the participants’ lives, quirks, stupid moments, etc.

Which is to that “watching this makes me feel like David Bowman at the conclusion of 2001—if 2001 had been directed by Cameron Crowe and subsequently parodied by Ben Stiller. The way the credits evolve (well, transition) from their early acid-washed jeans/L.A. Gear aspect ratio to their current Outback Steakhouse/Tampax Pearl with Leakguard® widescreen majesty is a revelation.”

Embedding is disabled, but it’s worth clicking through to watch. [via]

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