Terriers Post-Mortem

Alan Sepinwall interviews Terriers show-creator Ted Griffin, who reveals a little bit about what could have happened to Hank and Britt:

Well, when you say you would have liked to see those characters do more stuff, I’m sure you had some ideas in your head for a second season. Any you’d feel comfortable sharing?

I will only share this: that if you don’t know which way that truck turns or doesn’t turn at the end, you don’t know Britt. He goes straight. The one thing, if there’s anything to tie up from season one, is that in the first episode of season two, Katie would’ve come to Britt in prison with the paternity results, still unopened, and said, “If you really don’t want to know, then you tear it up.” The last scene of episode one was Britt taking that letter into the prison yard and opening it, and in a wide shot, we see him sort of punch the air in triumph. He’s the dad.

Would Cutshaw (the big villain played by Neal McDonough) have come back?

Neal McDonough and I had talked about it, depending on what was going on in his life, we could always have him come back, if not in season two, then season three.

“Season three”? Wow. Kind of hurts just to hear that phrase.

Boy, when we finished that season, we had no idea.

A shame it got cancelled, but what a singularly great season of television.

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