The Anti-Leno, or How Jimmy Kimmel Rose Above the Late Night Dither

GQ argues that Jimmy Kimmel is your new king of late night:

Last year at this time, everything seemed to be set in late-night stone. Leno had moved his brand of middling variety show to the 10 p.m. slot. Conan finally took his place at 11:30. David Letterman would remain the irascible late-night presence, slightly above the fray, passing judgment on whomever he pleased. And there was also that guy on ABC. Then everything changed. (News flash: Jay Leno is a weenie.) And you know who was the only man to emerge with his honor (and balls) intact? Jimmy Kimmel, the new king of late night.

I like Kimmel.  I think he’s a likable late night personality, he’s pretty funny, etc.  But if you were to ask me who the new king of late night tv is?  Well, that’s easy.  It would be Jimmy Fallon.  There’s no one even close to what he’s doing right now.

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