The Pointless of TV Recaps

Television recaps are one of the most pointless types of content fodder on the net.  But hey, they’re relatively easy to write and provide lots of comment baiting discussion (pageviews!), so they won’t be going away anytime soon.  However, the genre gets skewered with such aplomb by The Awl, as they recap a season 7 episode (number 85, Chrissy’s Cousin) of Three’s Company.

After months of all of us devoted recappers being stuck watching “Rhoda” reruns and nonstop hostage hysteria—and are we the only ones who think the way Jane Pauley whistles the s’s in Syed Ruhollah Moosavi Khomeini is sexy?—America welcomed the return of its favorite platonic trio: Jack Tripper, Janet Wood and Chrissy Snow. Wait a minute, let me adjust the antenna. That’s not our ditzy Chrissy in terrycloth short-shorts tripping over her own long legs at the Regal Beagle! It’s her klutzy cousin, Cindy!As reported before, our favorite bleached airhead Suzanne Somers is still having a Chrissy fit over her contract—she thinks her buns are worth $150,000 an episode—which, maybe they are. Still, she’s not exactly as big a star as She-Who-Dons-the-Red-Bikini. I mean come on…. Somers doesn’t even have her own crème rinse conditioner line yet!

Fucking brilliant, and yet another reason why The Awl is one of the best sites going.

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