The Walking Dead Gets Renewed for a Second Season

After two very solid episodes and very positive results both critically and ratings-wise, AMC has gone ahead and renewed The Walking Dead for a second season.  Seeing as the first season is only six episodes long, and therefore a third of the way complete, it would be nice to see the second season extended to 12 or 13 episodes.

“What’s so wonderful about The Walking Dead is that we’re able to explore human nature at its most depraved as well as its most humanitarian in each episode,” executive producer Gale Anne Hurd wrote in the production notes for the show.  “We strip each character down to their most basic survival instincts – or lack thereof.  It’s actually the zombies who are the most predictable: you know what zombies are after. What you can’t anticipate is how one surviving human is going to interact with another.  And that’s what keeps the series fresh and compelling.”

Usually it’s hard to agree with PR-hyperbole, but in this case, I’m nodding my head and saying, yup spot on.  [via Techland]

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