The Walking Dead Scores Big for AMC

I was wondering when the ratings would be announced for AMC’s The Walking Dead. I didn’t watch the show on Halloween because I downloaded the advanced copy and watched it a week early, but I’ll definitely tune in this Sunday.

According to Vulture, “Nielsen says 5.3 million people watched the 90-minute bow at 10 p.m. on Halloween, giving AMC its biggest audience ever for an original series, and far surpassing the numbers for network staples such as Mad Menand Breaking Bad. (The network’s all-time draw remains the mini-series Broken Trail, which premiered to nearly 10 million viewers back in 2006.) Add in same-night repeats of Dead, and the show’s premiere audience rises to just over 8 million viewers. What’s more, Deadwas particularly big with viewers under 50: Around 3.6 million in that demo watched, making the show the biggest cable-series premiere among the young folks this year.”

What’s more, there are probably loads more people that downloaded it illegally or watched the next morning through BitTorrent.  Why AMC doesn’t put their shows online, either through a proprietary video player on their site or through Hulu is beyond me.  I don’t anticipate it’s audience shrinking because the show is that good, it’s only a six-episode first season and won’t be cancelled; and, in all likelihood, the positive word of mouth combined with people watching it live (since it’s not available to stream online) should boost ratings next week.

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