The Walking Dead Script Review

One would assume that a Frank Darabont scripted/directed television show, based upon Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead zombie comic, would be can’t miss.  Especially because AMC is giving them the green light. 

But you never know. 

So it’s a relief to read the review from Corona Coming Attractions’s Patrick Sauriol,  who feels the show “has fantastic potential.” 

The Walking Dead pilot doesn’t sell out its concept for the sake of finding a wider audience. This is a show set in a world where families have died and the survivors haven’t had the time to cope with their losses, much less come to terms with civilization collapsing around them,” he writes.  “Knowing the course that Kirkman’s comic book takes and now after seeing how Darabont’s chose to make the pilot more of a drama than a flat-out horror action show, AMC’s Walking Dead has fantastic potential. The Walking Dead could even do for horror what the new Battlestar Galactica did for science fiction. Cross your fingers and hope that the show comes together as well as it did on the page.”

It’s a fairly length review, but encouraging for fans of the comic, zombies, and good television in general. 

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