Transformers Prime Footage

There isn’t much to this clip of the new Transformers Prime cartoon, save Bumblebee punching a Decepticon.  But you do get a general feel for the CG animation and it looks, well, it looks like CG animation.  I’m not a fan, but that’s a personal preference.  Unless it’s top shelf, like Pixar, it always just feels cold and robot.

For a show coming out in October though, one would think a full scale trailer would have been preferred.  But hey, it’s got that classic transformers sound to it, so I’ll forgive them for Bumblebee looking like Michael Bays child-crushing varietal.

Be that as it may, the real news here, is the show will debut in the fall on a new network named The Hub. The channel is a joint venture between Discovery Channel and Hasbro, so you can expect lots of Hasbro toys to get the animated show treatment.   It’s replacing Discovery Kids and if there are more cool animated shows for kids to watch, I really have nothing snarky or snide to say about it.

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