Two Great TV Articles

1) Mark Cuban makes the case that the future of TV is TV, based on the presumption that people want instant gratification and booting up a computer to watch TV just takes too darn long.  Which I agree with him in some respects is the main reason a computer will never fully replace the television (that and live sports), but in most respects I think it’s short sighted on his part.

Ultimately, no one cares about the delivery system — be it cable, internet, etc. — so long as the content is easily accessible and immediately available.  I honestly think in the future that delivery system is going to be the internet but television will still be television.

I’ve got a media center pc hooked up to my HDTV and it’s great.  Not always, but I can stream, download and find just about anything to watch.  Including live sports.  It’s only a matter of time before that becomes the norm.

2) Boing Boing has an essay from SyFy General Manager Craig Engler on the economic realities of television vs. internet streaming.  It’s not a meaty essay by any means but it is enlightening.  It always amazes me that media power brokers have no grasp on the current way people consume media. 

Lost is just starting to air here on the west coast in America, it won’t begin streaming on Hulu or until tomorrow morning.  Yet, I’ve already downloaded the east coast airing and finished watching the episode.  Just sayin’ is all.

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