Two More Lost Tidbits

Movieline attempts to answer many of the 100 or so “unanswered” questions from the show’s loose threads.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem too serious about this endeavor.

How did Walt communicate with Michael using the Swan computer?
Probably got on one of the Others’ computers, checked his email, played a few rounds of Words with Friends, and still had a little time left over to tool around a bit.

What is the deal with Kate and that horse?
I mean, it’s an island with polar bears and zoo animals. A black horse may hold special resonance for Kate, but can’t it just be a black horse? We’ve seen people riding horses on the island before.

Why are supplies still being dropped on the island after the purge, and by who?
All right, we finally have our first really legitimate unanswered question. I wouldn’t mind knowing the answer, either.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the final episode was the last scenes as the credits rolled.  It was nothing more than the plane crash remains strewn about the beach.

It could be interpreted several different ways, but the one I liked in my mind, was it presented another universe where there were zero survivors of Oceanic 815 (others of the half-empty persuasion have speculated that the crash site was Ajira 316, adding a particularly sad coda to the whole affair).  Because, like Tyler Cowen, I think the show worked as a mosaic of possibilities and alternate universes.

So you can imagine my disappointment to learn that those very shots at the end of the show were not part of Lost’s canon, but were thrown on at the last minute by ABC executives.

Those final images were simply inserted by ABC as “a visual aid to allow the viewer to decompress before heading into the news,” and were never meant to be seen as part of the plot. (Little did ABC know, apparently, that Lost fans tend to obsess over the most minor of details to fuel their speculation, and that they’ve become so inured to misdirection that they would actually be searching for “clues” moments after getting the only straightforward answers they were ever going to get.) Please adjust your theorizing accordingly.

So there you go.

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