Walking Dead Bootleg Comic Con Trailer

Hey AMC, if you’re going to put together a trailer for any of your shows and show them at Comic Con, you have to assume that someone will make a bootleg copy of it and that copy will show up on the internets and that the rest of the world will watch the shitty copy bootleg trailer.  So rather than pretend the internet doesn’t exist, you might as well release a HD copy for embeddable purposes immediately after the footage premieres.

With that said, shit, AMC, it looks like you’ve done it again.  The footage of Frank Darabont’s Walking Dead, looks off the hook.  I’m down to watch a full-fledge zombie show told in long form storytelling, especially now because it was announced the score will be done by the incredible Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, etc.).  [via]

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