Why You Should be Watching FX’s “Terriers”

Alan Sepinwall goes to bat for the criminally under-appreciated buddy detective show, Terriers:

It started off good, riding on the alchemy between stars Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James, real-life pals playing best friend PIs in a dingy seaside SoCal town. It got even better, with a deft mix of standalone and serialized stories. Some weeks, we got simple cases that could make you laugh and gasp in the space of an hour. Other weeks, the guys got in way over their heads in a dark, knotty and never dull story involving the best kind of villains for any good PI story: rich and powerful men doing wicked and mysterious things, little imagining that low-rent little guys can do anything to stop them. And throughout that mix, we’ve gotten great heart-on-sleeve acting by Logue and Raymond-James as each deeply flawed hero struggled to do right by the women they loved (and in some cases, were done wrong by those women).

So “Terriers” has gotten better and better as it’s gone along, and these last three episodes are a cut above what’s come before.

If you aren’t convinced to watch the show, or in the case of FX to at least give it a second season, after reading Sepinwall’s essay, then there probably isn’t much hope for the show.  But it’s good.  Really good.

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